Custom make wire harness, cable assembly, USB cable, DC cable, IDC flat cable, PV solar cable, robot cable, car cigarette lighter cable.

How did Nangudi Electronics design ultra flexible wire ?
The specialist designers of Nangudi Electronics Co., Ltd. are accountable for this. Each year, a great deal of cash is spent in the design of ultra flexible wire . We can personalize this in accordance with your requirements. Of this, idea exchange and discussion are of fantastic significance.

Nangudi produces exquisite wiring harness superior to other companies. The wiring harness series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. wiring harness generates a sound image of exceptional quality. The packing of the wire harness and cable assembly is customizable. flat cable adopts principle of flat ribbon cable, integrated advantages of flat ribbon cable. NGD branded robot cable has better resistance to break.

Nangudi has set a goal to become the leader of the cable assembly industry. Inquiry!
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