Custom make wire harness, cable assembly, USB cable, DC cable, IDC flat cable, PV solar cable, robot cable, car cigarette lighter cable.

What about the lead time of flexible control cable from placing a order to delivery?
Flexible control cable 's orders will be processed in order. Once you place an order, we need to ensure the quality of the product, but also need to connect with the freight forwarders to ensure the safe transport of these products. Please be assured that we have a comprehensive delivery system and will provide you with the product as soon as possible.

We will continue to run from customers interests, launch new products to meet the needs of market and keep ahead in the industry. The solar cable series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Due to our special technics and high quality material, dc in cable is much prior than that from mainland. Electrical test is carried out on NGD branded IDC flat cable. wiring harness presents the characteristics with cable harness manufacturing. The packing of the wire harness and cable assembly is customizable.

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